Air separation plants
  • Cryogenic Processes
  • PSA-Plants
  • Membrane Technologies
  • Storage & Handling of O2 / N2 / Ar
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  • Gas Drying & Purification
  • Plants for Liquefaction of CO2
  • Sorage & Handling von CO2
  • Plants for the Manufacture of Dry Ice
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Liquefaction Plants
  • Gas Drying & Purification
  • Plants for Liquefaction of Gases
  • Purification & Handling of Noble Gases
  • Small Scale LNG-Plants
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Special applications for technical gases
  • Purification & Liquefaction of H2
  • Energy Storage (e.g. H2 & LNG)
  • Purification & Handling of Noble Gases
  • Containerization
  • Construction of Industrial Refrigeration Plants
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Your Specialist for Technical Gases

CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH was founded in 1995 and has been part of the EPC Group since 2009. Based in Wurzen, Saxony, the company is specialized in innovative solutions for air separation plants, CO2 technologies and small-scale LNG plants. The production hall at the headquarters in Wurzen has over 2,000 m² of production and 5,000 m² of storage space, so that CRYOTEC can implement all projects in-house - Made in Germany.

Our engineers and specialists take over comprehensive engineering services for you, both nationally and internationally. Our portfolio includes planning, production, assembly and commissioning of a project and also after-sales service. Our tailor-made solutions cover all technical, cost-effective and ecological aspects in order to be able to guarantee customer-specific requirements.


Carbon neutral production: CRYOTEC now produces without leaving a carbon footprint

Sustainable and resource-saving operations: This credo has always determined the corporate culture of CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH. Now the Wurzen-based …

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25 years of CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH: Wurzener company is well-prepared for the future

A quarter of a century: CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH was able to look back on this anniversary this year. Unfortunately, the very big celebration had to …

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HYPOS e.V. has a new member: CRYOTEC is joining network of experts for hydrogen

  Finally establishing a green hydrogen economy: This is the declared goal of HYPOS e.V.. CRYOTEC Anlagenbau shares this intention and can …

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