Fields of application


The transportation industry is becoming more and more important and therefore offers a wide range of applications for the use of technical gases. With our innovative plant solutions, e.g. in aviation and shipping, we contribute to a significant improvement in quality and productivity.

Natural Gas Filling Stations & Road Traffic

LNG is the fuel of the future for heavy-duty and long-haul traffic. It has a high energy densit, is a clean fuel (low emissions of sulfur, soot particles, nitrogen oxides, carcinogens) and improves air quality in urban areas. In addition, LNG contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fulfills the requirements of Euronorm VI. LNG-powered vehicles can reduce noise emissions compared to diesel vehicles. Especially for use in the city center and at the edge of the day, e.g. in the early morning or late evening hours to supply e.g. supermarkets. A combination of LNG / L-CNG filling stations is an efficient technology to serve a wider range of vehicles.

Shipping Industry

Many ports now have emission limits in place to improve air quality in neighboring cities. In the shipping industry, liquefied natural gas is therefore manifesting itself as an alternative propulsion technology.

We develop and construct LNG tank farms and filling stations for the maritime sector.

Alternative Fuel

Energy from hydrogen

In transportation, hydrogen is an environmentally friendly and valuable fuel. With our plants hydrogen can be traded safely.