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Liquefaction Plants

In our plants we liquefy carbon dioxide, natural gas, organic methane, but also boil-off gas and other technical gases. For this we use our knowledge from cryo-technology.

The raw gases often have to be cleaned and dried before being liquefied. Here we benefit from our wealth of experience from numerous reference projects.

The plants of CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH are specially adapted to the requirements of the customers. Our liquefaction plants are planned and implemented in-house as containerized or modular solutions -  MADE IN GERMANY.

We can offer you all services from a single source, this also applies to peripheral systems such as electricity and cooling water supply.

Gas Liquefaction using LNG as an Example

LNG is the sustainable and economically viable alternative to diesel fuel and has a very high energy density. The use of LNG, especially in long-haul sea and land freight transport, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes emissions of particulate matter, sulfur, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide.

In the field of LNG, we offer the full range of services - including liquefaction plants, filling stations or re-gasification plants.

Natural gas is transported from a pipeline to an LNG liquefaction plant, where the gas is dried and purified. After the actual liquefaction it can be stored optimally. Semitrailers and / or ISO containers are used to deliver the LNG to decentralized locations. Through re-gasification (satellite stations) it can be fed into the local grid for power generation or gas supply. In this way, even the most remote regions can be efficiently supplied with cheap natural gas.

We also offer filling station solutions and storage systems (bunkering) to supply LNG-powered trucks, buses, cars or ships. 

We also offer the same portfolio for the supply of organic methane from organic gas plants (Bio-LNG). This is particularly interesting when coupled with a  CO2 plant.

Benefits and Characteristics of our Plants

We plan and produce our liquefaction plants directly at our site in Wurzen. We also carry out the necessary functional and quality tests based on the applicable standards and guidelines. All our services come from one source, MADE IN GERMANY. In this way, we ensure that all components mesh optimally and work with great efficiency. 

The liquefaction plants can be pre-assembled on base frames or erected in containers. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. The prefabricated units ensure shorter assembly and commissioning times on site.

Our plants are fully automated. Using a gas turbine / CHP unit these can be operated also self-sufficiently. In addition to cooling with water, the plant can also be cooled with air.

Furthermore, we offer a large portfolio of services, even after commissioning and staff training. For example, our engineers can continue to support remote access.

With our competitive plant solutions, we guarantee efficient plant operation.

Technical Data

  • Our standard sizes for natural gas liquefaction plants are between 1,000 and 10,000 kg/h. Other capacities are of course also possible on request.

Fields of Application for Liquefaction Plants