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Carbon dioxide (CO 2) is mainly known as a greenhouse gas, but it is also an important raw material in many industrial sectors. We offer intelligent technologies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions, benefiting both the environment and plant operators.

CO 2 recovery plants offer the most efficient way of extracting high purity CO2 as a raw material. This can be used, for example, in breweries, chemical plants or in the production of dry ice.

Carbon Dioxide - Technology & Application Possibilities

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Benefits and Characteristics of our Plants

The CO 2-plants are planned directly by us at our site in Wurzen and manufactured in our own production facility. Of course, they are also subject to a quality and functional test there, based on the valid standards and guidelines.

We supply all services from a single source, which means that the various components are optimally matched to each other and work extremely efficiently.

The CO 2 plants can be erected pre-assembled on base frames or in containers and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. The prefabricated units enable a shortened assembly / commissioning time on site.

Our carbon dioxide plants are fully automated. Even after commissioning and staff training, our engineers are at your side, for example by remote access.

With our competitive plant solutions, we guarantee efficient plant operation and high product purity.

Fields of Application for CO 2-Technologies