Fields of application


Plant fertilization

Plants need carbon dioxide to grow. The enrichment of the greenhouse atmosphere with carbon dioxide promotes this process and increases production. The carbon dioxide fed in reacts here as a fertilizer. It is obtained or recycled from various sources, such as factories and combined heat and power plants, breweries or biogas plants.

Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Carbon dioxide (CO2) can also be used for optimal storage of fruit and vegetables in warehouses. The monitoring and control of the (CO2) concentration as a component of fruit and vegetable storage ensures the optimal quality of the products.

Organic CO2

The carbon dioxide (CO2) from organic gas plants is often not used. With our technologies it is possible to extract the unused carbon dioxide and reprocess it for various purposes (as fertilizer in greenhouses, food industry). By simultaneously using carbon dioxide (CO2) separated from organic gas and liquid organic methane, existing plants can operate much more profitably and significantly improve their environmental balance.

Preparation of Bio-LNG

The liquefaction of biomethane from biogas plants is an excellent way to store and release energy. The liquefaction process allows bio methane to be stored and transported to the end consumer. This liquefaction results in new utilization concepts and possibilities to operate a biogas plant cost-effectively. The environmental balance can be improved by adding bio methane to fossil natural gas. If the biogas is purified to natural gas quality, it can be fed into the natural gas network.