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Air Separation Plants

The production of the technical gases oxygen and nitrogen can take place in different ways. The choice of the right process depends on the required purity of the end products. A further criterion is the requirement for storability in liquid form.

Cryogenic air separation plants are particularly suitable for the production of liquid and/or gaseous oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar). Air separation is based on the cryogenic rectification process, in which the air is cooled down to -195°C and partially liquefied. During rectification, the individual air components separate due to their different boiling points. Afterwards the gases / liquids are available in highest purity and there are numerous application possibilities, e.g. in industry and medicine.

Alternatively we offer PSA Plants (Pressure Swing Adsorption) for the production of gaseous nitrogen or oxygen. Our Membrane plants supply gaseous nitrogen at a lower purity level, for applications where this is sufficient.

Thus we offer an optimal solution tailored to the customer.

For the manufacture of (O2), nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar) we plan, build and supply worldwide:

  • Prefabricated skid-mounted plants (modular design)
  • Containerized plants
  • Custom-made products

Thanks to our in-house production hall in Germany, we can also respond to your individual wishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Cryogenic processes


Membrane Technologies

Advantages and Characteristics of our Plants

Thanks to prefabricated plant components and the compact modular design (skid-mounted or containerized), all our plants can be customized to the individual needs of our clients. This enables us to guarantee a very short installation and commissioning time. 

The quality and functional testing according to DIN ISO 9001 standard takes place in our in-house production hall in Wurzen.

We offer a full service package for all project phases. This includes planning, design, manufacturing, delivery, supervision, commissioning and long-term service for our customers.